Mouse-click - for selecting people,  serving drinks and hold for pouring.

WSAD/Arrow keys - to move around and snoop.

Tab - to view mission progress


1. Wait for the people to come to your bar and show you the drink that they like. Click to select them or they wont stay.

2. Pour the drink of their liking, make sure to pour just enough so that they are neither sober nor they pass out.

3. Once everyone has visited the bar, snoop around eavesdropping on their conversations to gather the relevant information. BUT dont miss the people waving at you or they will get suspicious and you'll lose.

Made during a Game Jam with a theme of “Unethical Practices”

Corporate Espionage is a game about stealing important information from your bar clients, this is done in two steps: first you get the clients drunk by giving them the poison of their liking, second eavesdrop on their conversation while they drunkenly spill the beans of their companies. Run with the secrets and become rich.

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